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Restoration Angel is good buddies with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker if not Splinter Twin, but Splinter Twin is better with Wall of Omens than, say, Pilgrim's Eye. The way Splinter Twin reads, each of the copies has the ability that Splinter Twin is giving the enchanted creature (The creature *has* the ability), so you just make Bogardan Hellkites repeatedly, each dealing 5 damage to whatever for game. Felidar Guardian and Saheeli Rai “Splinter Twin” Combo. From day one onward, Splinter Twin helped shape the metagame, blending blue control with a killer combo finish. The card draw and selection spells help dig to Twin combo pieces (or Blood Moons, but we’ll talk about that in a bit), while also combo-ing with Instants-and-Sorceries-matter cards like Young Pyromancer, Snapcaster Mage, and Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. Obviously Jeskai offers the most combo pieces to enable a splinter twin deck. Copy cat, also known as Saheeli Twin or simply Saheeli, is a two-card combo deck formerly played in Standard.Copy cat decks used the interaction of Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian to win the game by attacking with an arbitrarily large number of token creatures. In other words, here is how things will happen, along with the exact moments where you can kill the exarch and stop the combo. Actually, you can also kill it in response to the splinter twin ability, before it resolves. Spell Snare, Remand, and Izzet Charm can protect the combo, but are typically more useful as early interaction in a normal fair game of magic. Awesome, or infinite Magic the Gathering combos. RELATED: The 10 Most Powerful Land Cards in Magic: the Gathering, Ranked. Low. Tweet. … However, I would like to know who leads your deck and why? Thanks! I mean, you really only need either Splinter Twin or Kiki-Jiki and then Bell-Ringer or Midnight Guard. Paired with cards that untap permanents, like Pestermite or Deceiver Exarch, Splinter Twin can easily create an overwhelmingly large army of hasty creatures. Format: Modern. For the uninitiated, Splinter Twin is in reference to an infinite combo deck that originated in Standard all the way back in Rise of the Eldrazi/New Phyrexia. 3 Bloodline Keeper. I expect it to likewise take on multiple different forms, yet collectively as an archetype it will be either Tier 1 or a strong Tier 2 deck. Splinter Twin on Spellskite can blank almost all opposing removal. It's time for another classic tribe: vampires. But that was for a much different reason, and that's a whole different story altogether. The best combo is Splinter Twin + Bogardan Hellkite. Edit: … Oddly enough, it's very effective. Card Name: Splinter Twin Cost: 2RR Color: Red Card Type: Enchantment Card Text: Enchant creature // Enchanted creature has "T: Put a token which is a copy of this creature onto the battlefield. This combo pears well with cards used in those strategies such Blade Splicer, Resto, Pia and Kiran, and Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, perhaps more than the Twin Combo has. Exile that token at the beginning of the next end step." Ik heb eerlijk gezegd weinig ervaring met modern, dus ik mis heel makkelijk erg belangrijke kaarten vrees ik. An introduction the the Splinter Twin deck in the MTG Modern format. Pioneer's New Splinter Twin: Inverter of Truth Combo Nikachu MTG. This…is a little different. Voor [k]Valakut, the molten pinnacle[/k] gebanned werd, zag je dit soort decks wel eens verschijnen, ben benieuwd of het nog steeds speelbaar is nu Valakut terug is. That token has haste. It doesn’t make sense from a format design standpoint to have a deck like Splinter Twin exist, because it becomes incorrect to play a dedicated combo deck with the same turn four restriction. Splinter Twin from Rise of the Eldrazi for . Caw Blade, in all its various incarnations, is still the deck to beat, but the new archetype in town is certainly Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin combo. DECK TECH Splinter Twin is a combo deck. I've changed my list A LOT going from 68% WR to 60% but i'm satisfied with the final 75. Splinter twin goes on the stack. Two card combinations don’t come much cleaner than Splinter Twin-Deceiver Exarch, and now it seems as though the demon of Standard formats past has reared its ugly head once more. Well, this decklist managed to Top 4 the SCG Legacy Premier IQ in Denver. While your opponent stockpiles removal in an attempt to stop your combo, you end up nickel and diming him or her out with Snapcaster Mage, Pestermite, and Lightning Bolt. Latest Set: Dark Ascension. Fatestitcher, Splinter Twin, Blood throne vampire. So while Shape Anew is more vulnerable than Twin (a thopter can always be bolted), … Follow us on Twitter @mtgcombo Note that Izzet Charm can help dig for the combo or a particular answer in difficult positions. Avg. What are the weaknesses of your deck? Just like Splinter Twin you're not really in any huge rush to combo, but sometimes you will just run Shaleei on three and Felidar Guardian on four and run some people over who aren't interested in interacting. ... Mythic with my take of the new "Splinter Twin" in Historic: Sea Gate + Neoform. basis voor een modern deck idee. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander Splinter Twin | Enchant creature Enchanted creature has "{T}: Create a token that's a copy of this creature, except it has haste. Creatures [9] 3 Dispel 3 Gitaxian Probe 3 Into the Roil 3 Mana Leak 4 Ponder This is more than fine given that the general shell of the deck is quite controlling. Alle hulp is dus welkom. At Eternal Weekend, this Splinter Twin deck made Top 8: In his tournament report, you’ll notice that the deck operated like a Jeskai Stoneblade deck that happened to win with Splinter Twin instead of Stoneforge Mystic. The creature’s controller is … Please post a decklist if you're mentioning a specific deck rather than the archetype. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step." That creature’s controller (who is not necessarily the Aura’s controller) can activate it. It works by using Splinter Twin or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to create copies of Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite.The copied Pestermite or Deceiver Exarch then allows you to untap the enchanted creature or Kiki-Jiki thus allowing the creation of infinite hasty tokens which then attack for the win. The Splinter Twin combo etched itself into the history of Modern, and Magic the Gathering overall, by winning the format's 2011 inaugural event, Pro Tour Philadelphia. Although Splinter Twin has been banned for the sake of competitive diversity, its sister combo lives on, and though it doesn’t make as many waves in Modern as it used to, it’s still a viable win condition for UR decks. Splinter Twin - Enchantment - Aura - Rise of the Eldrazi - $3.14: Enchant creature Enchanted creature has Search Cards & Combos: Home Submit A Combo Deck Builder Forums Picture Guess Help Splinter Twin by ComboMAN (4-0) Format: Standard - M12 Location: MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 8/29/11. High. Pestermite + Splinter Twin. Yknow, if you run a UBR deck. This is a good matchup for Splinter Twin as they just can’t beat a resolved Blood Moon and have very little to disrupt the combo. Fortunately, Wizards recognized that Copy Cat combo was becoming oppressive in the format, before it became the Splinter Twin combo in Standard all over again. And it just so happens, all six of those banned cards slot perfectly into a Blue-Red Splinter Twin deck! Finally, this thing combos nicely with the likes of Pestermite, Sky Hussar, Zealous Conscripts, and the aforementioned Splinter Twin to make infinite combos! It burst onto the scene when Modern became a format the next year, and from then on it was the most polarizing deck in the game and considered the best deck in Modern by most players. Rarity, #: R, 165 Card Type: Enchantment Aura Description: Enchant creature // Enchanted creature has "T: Put a token which is a … im suuuuuuuuuure there are better combos in the same vein, this is just what iii came up with off the top of my head. Last Modified On: 3/1/2012 Participated in MTGO Modern Daily (3-1 and 4-0) - Week of 2/27/12. Two-card combinations can be relatively simple to understand and execute (like Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin or Vampire Hexmage + Dark Depths) or difficult and convoluted. This is a heap of cards common to Modern, but no stranger to cEDH. 4 Deceiver Exarch 1 Inferno Titan 4 Spellskite. Historic Neoform Dualcaster Combo by lSoLlAKirA – #618 Mythic – September 2020 Season. Kiki-Jiki/Splinter Twin Combo. +Coercive Recruiter | Whenever Coercive Recruiter or another Pirate enters the battlefield under your control, gain control of target creature until end of turn. At this point, Tempo Twin (a Splinter Twin combo deck with a backup plan) is mostly a known quantity. Splinter Twin in Legacy. Splinter Twin by ArsenalMunch (4-0) combo. Step 1: He plays splinter twin, targetting his exarch. Splinter Twin on Vendilion Clique is pretty weak because of the Legend rule. Deck Price: MAIN DECK. You can kill the exarch now! Twee combo decks in 1 gepropt. Splinter Twin grants an activated ability to the enchanted creature. The deck came in Jeskai as well as four-color varieties.. x. Penny Dreadful.The ultra-budget, thousands-of-cards Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, six free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, … Infinite/infinite vampire creature. Also, their better draws involve playing a Primeval Titan with haste on turn 3, which can simply be tapped down with a Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite. Of course, another deck would take Copy Cat Combo's place in needing the banhammer. This two-card combo was the foundation of Modern's "Splinter Twin" that was incredibly popular in 2015-2016. This combo is the descendant of its forerunner UR Twin, which was the hallmark of Modern for a number of years. If you pair Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker/Splinter Twin with a card such as Pestermite, Village Bell-Ringer, or Zealous Conscripts, you can net unbounded copies of those cards that all have haste. Splinter Twin is not the quickest combo, it can pull of a turn four win without any ramp at all but in my experience is much more of a turn six sort of deck.

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