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Baraka is the father of three daughters Amandla, Assata, Raisa[96]. Six council members, elected from separate districts, serve staggered two-year terms. [89] The state will reduce budgets for the city clerk and expenses for council members as part of the agreement. A native of Newark, whose family has lived in the City for more than 80 years, Mayor Baraka’s progressive approach to governing has won him accolades from grassroots organizations to the White House. [needs update] The donation precipitated an effort to reform and restructure the system. ", "Is Christie-Backed One Newark Reform Plan Good For City's Students? [14] The election was documented on the Sundance reality television series Brick City, which stars Booker, Baraka and other Newark political and residential figures. [60] In May 2014, Newark, which already had control of operations (includes student transportation and other support services), was granted local powers over budget and finance, giving the local advisory board its first formal vote on the district's nearly $1 billion in annual spending. A rabble-rousing new mayor wants to undo the reforms that Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg brought to town", "Schooled Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg had a plan to reform Newark's schools. Buy. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka enacted a number of stringent restrictions on Monday, saying the city’s recent coronavirus infection rate – 230 per day – … [11], Since its inception in 2004 Baraka has participated in the National Political Hip-Hop Convention. [16], Baraka ran in the 2014 Newark mayoral election against former Assistant State Attorney General Shavar Jeffries,[17][18] after fellow council members Anibal Ramos, Jr. and Darrin S. Sharif dropped out of the race. The Mayor of Newark is elected for a four-year term. [79][80][81] In March 2014, Baraka called for a forensic audit of the agency. The reorganization, spearheaded by state-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson, would relocate, consolidate or close one quarter of the district's schools that she has determined are underutilized. Mayor Ras Baraka met with Newark youth for a book discussion last month. Ras Jua Baraka (born April 9, 1970 ) is an American educator, author, and politician who is the 40th and current Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. The Small Business Grant Fund Round 3 and the Rental Housing Assistance Program Round 2 totals $2 million each. A native of Newark, whose family has lived in the City for more than 80 years, Mayor Baraka’s progressive approach to governing has won him accolades from grassroots organizations to the White House. [27], Transition team and municipal council composition, Soon after winning the election, Baraka had initiated meetings with Cory Booker on May 19[28] with Governor Chris Christie, and Essex Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. on May 21. [1], Baraka was the principal of Central High School from 2007 until 2013.[1]. On Thursday, he held a virtual chat with students about remote learning. A restructuring program called One Newark calls for the closure of some public schools and the opening of more charter schools (some in public school buildings). A New Jersey State Comptroller report issued in February 2014 revealed irregularities and corruption within the Newark Watershed and Development Corporation, which is the process of being dismantled after being taken over by the city. Mayor Luis A. Quintana, who was elected to be an at-large councilman, ran as an independent. [22], In December 2013, the Communication Workers of America, a trade union which counts 2000 members living, and thousands more working in Newark, endorsed Baraka. Mayor's girlfriend already dodged jail time. Baraka was sworn in as the city's 40th mayor by former Governor of New Jersey Richard Codey at ceremonies at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on July 1, 2014 for a four-year term. A panel of scholars discussed the tenure and impact of Kenneth Gibson, elected in 1970 as Newark's first Black mayor and the first Black mayor of any major Northeastern city. Mayor Baraka’s futurist agenda includes the implementation of a groundbreaking partnership called Hire. Municipal elections (for mayor and … Live. Official results show that of 44,951 ballots cast, he received 24,358 to Jeffries' 20,593. NEWARK — Alan L. Nagy is a name Newark voters have seen on their ballots election after election since 1980. Ras Jua Baraka (born April 9, 1970[1][2]) is an American educator, author, and politician who is the 40th and current Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. ", "Clergy warn Christie: Your Newark school reform is a mess", "No time for nostalgia: Cami Anderson's Newark school reforms should go foward [, "Newark school restructuring includes plans to put charters in district buildings", "Newark schools chief warns of massive teacher layoffs; wants pink slips tied to performance", "$100M for Newark school construction waits for approval", "Christie's ed reform scandal: Principals suspended after questioning charter scheme "Narcissism," "dictatorial" and "totalitarian" tactics by Christie appointee, Newark councilman charges to Salon", "Newark mayoral candidate Shavar Jeffries hits superintendent, opponent in rollout of education plan", "Did Mark Zuckerberg Help Elect Newark's New Mayor? Mayor Ras Baraka and Mark Wade, director of Health and Community Wellness, went on WBGO 88.3 FM’s Newark Today last night to advise that residents must stay inside from Nov. 25 to Dec. 4. A native of Newark, whose family has lived in the City for more than 80 years, Mayor Baraka’s progressive approach to governing has won him accolades from grassroots organizations to the White House. [76] In May 2014, Baraka introduced a resolution adopted by the municipal council that would affect an estimated one thousand Newark homeowners threatened with foreclosure, giving the city legal authority to purchase home with underwater mortgages through eminent domain and refinancing them. The Newark mayor made news again in April 2012, when he saved a woman from a house fire and, as a result, suffered second-degree burns on his hands and smoke inhalation. Newark, NJ — November 23, 2020 — Mayor Ras J. Baraka, the Believe in Newark Foundation, Shop-Rite of Newark, HelloFresh, Green Giant, Pepsi, Sylvia’s Soul Food Products, Bindi North America, Inc., Baldor Specialty Foods, and The Brantley Brothers Transportation Company distributed close to 6,000 turkeys and additional food products to Newark residents at TREC on 55 Ludlow Street, Newark … [20][21] Baraka's slate for the municipal council included John Sharpe James (council member-at-large running for South Ward), Mildred C. Crump (council member at-large incumbent), Alturrick Kenney (at-large candidate), Patrick Council (at-large candidate) and Joe McCallum (West Ward candidate). "Christie, Baraka, DiVincenzo discuss Newark's future. [85][86][87] That same month, the city auctioned properties, most of which had been foreclosed, in an attempt to raise funds. [77] it is estimated that more than 50% of Newark homes are financed by underwater mortgages, partially as a result of the 2010 United States foreclosure crisis. [43][44] The foundation was a short-term philanthropic "shot in the arm". Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's fight for police reform seems to have been ordained by family history and by his own sometimes traumatic encounters with police. NEWARK, N.J. — Newark authorities issued summonses to eight businesses in the first two days of the city’s 10-day “shutdown” to slow the spread of COVID-19, Mayor … [25][26], On May 13, 2014, Baraka was elected mayor of Newark. The stay at home advisory will be in effect for 10 days. In November 2005, Baraka was voted to complete the term vacated by the deceased Councilmember-at-Large Donald Kofi Tucker. Mayor Baraka was educated in the Newark Public Schools. [74], In Fall 2014, Baraka started the Model Neighborhood initiative, which increased police presence in troubled neighborhoods. A surge of violence in the second half of 2013 pushed the homicide total to 111, the most since 1990. He was editor of In the tradition: an anthology of young Black writers (1992). The Village Board is the governing body of the Village of Newark. The Mayor of Newark is elected for a four-year term. This communications network of sidewalk kiosks provides Newark residents and visitors with free, gigabit Wi-Fi, mobile device charging, phone calls to anywhere in the U.S., access to municipal services, maps and directions, and real-time local information on city streets at no cost to taxpayers or users. In 2019, Baraka married political consultant Linda Jumah, who was sentenced to home confinement and probation for tax evasion in 2018. [90], In 2014, Baraka initiated a program, called Model Neighborhoods, intended to take a comprehensive approach to addressing the factors causing troubled neighborhoods. [45] [19] In August 2013, fellow council members Mildred C. Crump and Ronald C. Rice issued statements formally backing Baraka's candidacy. Baraka was educated in the Newark Public Schools and subsequently earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Howard University in Washington, DC, and a Master of Arts in Education Supervision from St. Peter's University in Jersey City. [52] While there is some agreement with many of the policies being implemented in the program, the disregard for community input and the pace of change has drawn criticism. [93], In November 2017, Baraka and his campaign treasurer were issued a 28-count complaint by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, alleging they violated campaign finance rules in the 2014 mayoral election, mainly for failure to fully disclose the source of $396,000[94] in campaign donations in the expensive and tightly-contested campaign.[95]. As of September 2014, the state's Local Finance Board, overseen by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, had not taken action. [91], In 2014, the city initiated a Valentine's Day building lot sale in which married couples could purchase housing plots in the city for $1,000, provided they built a house on the lot within 18 months. He served 19 years on Council from 1997-2014 and 2017-2019 with nine of those years as Deputy Mayor. Mayor's friend accused of violating probation. The allegation is being investigated by the United States Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights. [7] He also recorded the intro to The Score, The Fugees' second album. [53][54] The plan will require some students to leave their neighborhoods and travel across the city, with many parents fearing for their safety. Ras J. Baraka is the 40th Mayor of the City of Newark. [61] Anderson's contract was renewed in June 2014. Newark mayor interview on WBGO Baraka said that the stronger measures begin next week on the day before Thanksgiving. The Honorable Mayor Ras J. Baraka. The Village Board consists of the Mayor and four Trustees. The state will hire a private firm to oversee the city's financial management and compliance. Ras J. Baraka is the 40th Mayor of the City of Newark. The current mayor Ras Baraka was first elected in the Newark mayoral election on May 13, 2014. The San Francisco-based company also will provide $1.5 million in liability coverage for all drivers in its network. In the 2014 local elections four of the municipal council candidates Baraka supported won their races, leading the expectation that the elected body, in which he needs five votes on the nine-member council to get any proposal passed, will be cooperative to his agenda. In 2019, Mayor Clifton was elected to his first term in his current position. His father, the late Amiri Baraka, was a legendary poet and playwright. He was 86. ", "Newark mayoral race narrows to 2 as another candidate drops out", "Crump and Rice endorse Baraka in Newark mayor's race", "Newark mayoral contenders Ras Baraka, Anibal Ramos pick up union endorsements", "Newark mayoral slates start to coalesce", "CWA set to endorse Baraka in Newark mayoral contest", "Newark mayor's race: Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop endorses Baraka", "Newark mayor's race: Baraka awash in labor union endorsements", "Newark mayor's race: Baraka, Jeffries hold dueling events at city supermarkets", "Mayor-elect Baraka and Booker agree to work together to benefit Newark", "Mayor elect Ras Baraka announces transition team", "Newark mayor's new chief of staff Amiri Baraka, Jr.: "I've got my brother's back, "Uber agrees to $10M fee, driver background checks in deal with Newark", "Newark's kids' conditions improving, but they still lag behind rest of NJ: report", "Judge Orders a State Takeover Of the Newark School District", "Suit Seeks to Halt Newark Schools Takeover", "Why Aren't Chris Christie, Mark Zuckerberg, and Cory Booker Defending Newark's School Chief? By 2015, FNF and its partners will have spent $200 million. He was previously a member of the Municipal Council of Newark and the principal of the city's Central High School[3] until he took an indefinite leave of absence to run for the 2014 Newark mayoral election, which he won on May 13, 2014. It comes one day after … [5] The 2018 Newark mayoral election took place on May 8, 2018. Newark small business owners who disobey the city's coronavirus curfew rules will not be eligible for a new program offering thousands of dollars in financial assistance, Mayor Ras Baraka has warned. Ken Gibson, Newark’s first black mayor, elected in the wake of the city’s turbulent riots, died Friday. He … Undated photograph of Newark Mayor Ken Gibson in the Mayor’s office. Newark students shared some of … [88] The state's Department of Community Affairs awarded Newark $10 million in transitional aid, which comes with a required oversight memorandum of understanding. Thank you! He had read as part of the city's Dodge Poetry Festival. In 2010 Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, donated $100 million of his personal fortune through his foundation StartUp Education to the Newark school system. [83] The United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey is investigating the matter. Baraka's son Jua Nyamekye Imamu Kofi Baraka was born in 2019[100].

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