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ORDER BY DEC. 7th. This cake comes from the Greek island of Crete, but is today popular to eat all over the country. But have you ever heard about Greek desserts? 1 hr 10 min. When ready, the Portokalopita cake is served with some Greek yoghurt on the side. Greek-style yogurts are popular desserts in Greek cooking. The name literally means ‘milk börek’. So if you happen to be around during that time of the year, you should taste one. Pissara (πισ This moist and delicious Greek Semolina cake is flavored with a touch of lemon and sweetened with a simple syrup flavored with ​orange zest. What is it: This is a famous Greek-style dessert cooked in a pan with semolina custard and filo. The filling can vary depending on where you taste it. It’s made of layered phyllo dough filled with nuts, honey or sugar, and cinnamon. Greek Honey Puffs - Loukoumades recipe: Loukoumades, one of my favourite Greek pastries, are sweet fritters (similar to doughnuts) that are deep fried till golden brown and served warm with a honey syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon and nuts. These light airy, crispy pastries are the perfect dessert for a celebratory meal. When baked and well-chilled, the pastry is traditionally doused in the orange spiced, sugary syrup, allowing the layers to absorb the flavors and transform galaktoboureko into a soft, velvety treat. They are very popular among the locals and are served heavily dusted with powdered sugar. Buy online from our bakery, fresh, frozen or packed Greek desserts and pastries, such as galaktoboureko and baklava, delivered across the UK by Agora Greek Delicacies. Located in Karterados, the Santorini Pastry Shop “ANNA PATISSERIE” stands out as a premier location for sweet treats and wonderful delight experience.. We knew you'd end up here. In the bakeries of Greece you’ll find a variety of flavors ranging from savory with cheese and meat to sweet bougatsas with custard, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. Below is our growing collection of Greek dessert recipes. It’s a fluffy and flavorful cake made with phyllo dough and spiced with both orange and cinnamon. I made it! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here you will find traditional Greek desserts, as well as desserts inspired by Greek Mediterranean cuisine. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. From the traditional baklava and milk pie (galaktoboureko) to regional classics like Thessaloniki’s pastry triangles and seasonal specials, this Greek desserts recipe collection has got you covered! To construct the dessert, start by spreading the cooled custard mixture over the base of the cooked Kataifi. Serve in single-serve glasses or a large party bowl so guests serve themselves. Leave a comment below! One such cookie is known as koulourakia, which is twisted and similar in appearance to a pretzel. It has a strong sweet taste because of the honey syrup that it is drizzled with. The Galaktoboureko is a Greek pastry made of layers of phyllo dough, butter, and creamy custard. Copyright 2018 | - Travel Blog | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Siteground |, Galaktoboureko (Greek custard pie or milk pie). Sliced capsicum, usually green, is often added also. The name for these traditional Greek Butter Cookies comes from their round, twisted shape. Even though most locals like to eat this for breakfast together with a cup of Greek coffee, it’s just as delicious as a sweet dessert after dinner. It’s crunchy, sweet, and very decadent., If you can get past the tongue twister name, Galaktoboureko (gah-lahk-toh-BOO-reh-koh) may easily become your favorite Greek pastry. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to … Tag @bakedambrosia on Instagram and hashtag it … First-generation Greek American, Lynn Livanos Athan has published many recipes. Greek desserts are both sweet and filling. Cut one orange in half and slice one half into very thin half moons. It is made with a special type of pastry called kataifi that for fun we call them sweet spaghetti because of their shape. It’s soft cookies made of flour, olive oil, honey, and chopped walnuts. Common nuts to use in this dessert are almonds and pistachios. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, 32 Traditional Easter Foods From Around the World, 25 Cozy Baking Recipes That Taste Like Fall, The 65 Best Christmas Desserts of All Time, Bulgarian Dessert Recipes and Descriptions, 9 Gluten-Free Desserts for the Fourth of July. This Greek custard pie is a divine combination of creamy custard and flaky phyllo dough that is baked to golden perfection then drenched with a lemon and orange infused syrup.. Either way its made and served, you’re in for a treat because this is one of the most delicious desserts in Greece. From famous desserts like baklava and halva to crunchy cookies and a variety of delicious cakes. Place … Greek desserts also consist of pastry-type cookies, often made with heavy amounts of sugar. She has culinary school training and teaches Greek cooking. The Sweets & Desserts are made with local products & the highest quality ingredients. They usually use ingredients like honey, nuts, fruits, and cream in their recipes. This classic Greek pastry is made with flaky phyllo dough that is layered with a cinnamon-spiced nut filling and bathed in sweet syrup. Kataifi is also one of the most popular and delicious Greek desserts. Give the gift that everyone will rave about. While this treat makes for a delicious breakfast paired with thick Greek coffee, it’s equally delightful when eaten as dessert. This Greek rice pudding is a thick and creamy treat that can be made ahead of time and chilled. Leave the pastry dough in its packaging: Kataifi pastry dries out quickly when exposed to air. It’s a crunchy and sweet dessert that anyone with a sweet tooth will like. This is one of the Greek desserts that you can find all over the country, especially at markets and festivals in Greece. Once it dries up, there’s no saving it. ... Take each sheet of filo pastry and roughly tear into shreds. Greek Custard Cream (Thick Pastry Cream) - Real Greek Recipes It’s one of the Greek desserts that you need to taste during your stay in the country. Kourabiedes are buttery shortbread cookies made with local almonds. It’s baked in the oven and then drenched in a syrup infused with lemon and orange. Having just returned from Greece, I can honestly say this has every pastry you'd find in a neighborhood bakery. The taste is definitely sweet. No surprise here, Greek and Turkish cuisines have their similarities, because of the domination by the Ottoman Empire. Baklava is one of the most popular Greek desserts. It's our favorite place, too. Did you make this recipe? If there was one Greek cookie that epitomizes Christmas, this would be it. However, it's also common to see Koulourakia shaped in small braids or in the shape of the letter “S.” These twists are also delicious dunked in coffee or milk and is traditionally served for Easter. It is a dessert made with dough sheets, filled with nuts, usually hazelnuts, peanuts or walnuts. Greek salad consists of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives (usually Kalamata olives), typically seasoned with salt and Greek mountain oregano, and dressed with olive oil. These sweets are normally eaten after a meal or during the day as a snack. It’s a delicious Greek dessert, so make sure … The Greek cuisine is strongly influenced by the Ottoman cuisine, and is known all over the world for its delicious Greek food and sweet desserts. This Greek Pound Cake recipe gives us one more reason to love Greek yogurt. This popular Greek dessert is flavoured with vanilla extract and lemon or orange peel. Get our cookbook, free, when you sign up for our newsletter. This recipe also works well as a tart, smaller tartlets, and can be used with a premade crust if you're short on time. Greek Dessert Recipes Enjoy traditional and authentic Greek desserts, including baklava and sweet phyllo dough pastries. The classic Greek pastry, which is nutty and deliciously sweet. Dakos (ντάκος) Dry barley rusk, soaked in olive oil and topped with sliced tomatoes, herbs, feta cheese, and sometimes capers. Buy pastries separately or sample them all in the assorted, pre-packaged gift boxes. Revani is an Ottoman dessert that’s common to eat in Greece. 8) Galaktompoúreko. Loukoumades is probably my favorite Greek dessert. Indeed, the Roman word placenta (Greek : πλατσέντα) is used today on the island of Lesbos in Greece to describe a baklava-type dessert of layered pastry leaves … It’s a delicious Greek dessert, so make sure to taste it if you see it on a menu in a café or bakery. Greek yogurts are generally creamy with a thicker texture than traditional yogurts. It has a filo layered on top and bottom, served after cutting into squares, coated with a sweet syrup. To make this classic Greek citrus cake, filo pastry is shredded and mixed with an orange filling then baked. There’a actually two versions of halva in Greece, and the other one is made with tahini and is also popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. This is another cookie that the locals eat during Christmas, but can be bought all year round in some bakeries. Halva is one of the most popular Greek desserts and is made with semolina and sweet syrup, and is topped with both nuts and raisins. You have the fantastic looking authentic Greek dessert on your table. In Greece there are a variety of desserts that you can taste during your stay. GREEK PASTRY SALE 2020. It’s really yummy. Kataifi is another pastry made of phyllo dough, but is shredded to give the dessert its beautiful texture. However, it has also become a landmark of Greek pastry making. After being filled and wrapped, this Greek dessert is soaked in a sweet syrup infused with cinnamon and ground cloves. This dessert is a perennial favorite. Each indulgence comes out from our passion, respect, and love, that accompany always the sweet moments of your life! Though the name may be difficult to pronounce, these spiced honey cookies very easy to make and are perfectly flavored with orange,  cinnamon, and drenched in a sweet syrup. D. Recipe by: Diana. Classic Greek Holiday Desserts and Pastries. These simple shortbread cookies are made with confectioner's sugar and almonds. Any Greek family celebration wouldn’t be complete without these light, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Buttered filo pastry is layered with mixed nuts, then baked before being drenched in a honey syrup. These cookies are classics when it comes to Greek desserts. This traditional Greek dessert consists of numerous phyllo sheets that are sprinkled with melted butter and coupled with a light semolina custard. They’re flavored with orange and cinnamon and drenched in a sweet syrup. It’s baked in the oven and then drenched in a syrup infused with lemon and orange. Spread to form an even layer. Greek frozen yogurt. This moist and tender Greek Apple Cake is the perfect showcase for crisp and delicious apples. Indulge your sweet tooth and delight your guests with these fabulous Greek desserts and pastries this holiday season. 6. Down below you can read more about Greek desserts and sweets to taste in Greece: Bougatsa is a pastry that the Greeks like to eat for breakfast. Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with a custard in a crispy phyllo pastry shell. Part custard, part cheesecake, a this Greek Honey Pie or Melopita (meh-LOH-peeta) is a versatile dessert that can be customized in many different ways. Galaktoboureko is a custard pie made of phyllo pastry filled with a milk creme, sugar, eggs, semolina, melted butter. They are crispy, juicy, and will make your tastebuds happy. It reminded me of the Turkish dessert baklava. It’s usually topped with almonds, coconut, pistachio nuts, fresh fruits or whipped cream before being served. Start Your Shopping Here. The sweetened version is usually sprinkled with cinnamon and a sugary icing. Enjoy with a Greek coffee. All items baked locally and can stay fresh for months when stored properly in air-tight containers or refrigerated. Best of all, this cake is fairly easy to make and can be made ahead of time. Pour the rest of the milk in a large non-sticking pan and add the sugar and the vanilla extract. One of the most famous Greek desserts is Baklava, which contains layers of flaky dough, honey and walnuts. Galaktoboureko (Greek custard pie or milk pie) The Galaktoboureko is a Greek pastry made of layers of phyllo dough, butter, and creamy custard. After all these years it is still a family favorite. Remove it from its packaging right before assembling the pastries and keep it covered with a damp kitchen towel. They are usually served hot and sprinkled with some chopped nuts. Galaktoboureko is “milk pie” in Greek and it’s a big favourite Sunday family dessert. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as we do. These pastry nests are a great choice if you want to impress your guests. It’s small balls made of fried dough (similar to doughnuts) that are dipped in sweet syrup or chocolate. The cake is very sweet since it’s soaked in a sweet sugar syrup after it has been baked in the oven. Don't forget to top each slice with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of your favorite ice cream for the perfect pairing. Set aside. Then, set the box at room temperature for 1-2 hours before making the dessert. In true tradition, this dessert featured the familiar Greek staple, phyllo pastry. This Greek pastry is phyllo dough that’s filled with a variety of things — cheese, minced meat, or a sweet semolina custard are common — that’s typically enjoyed at breakfast time. The Greek honey pie Melopita is a mix between cheesecake and custard. It’s a simple but sweet dessert with a crispy texture. It’s then baked and cooled to room temperature before serving. A delicious collection of traditional Greek desserts! Do you have more questions about Greek desserts? Greek pastries make for excellent desserts or holiday gifts. It can be made in a variety of ways. Pair this moist and creamy cake with fresh fruit or a dollop of cream for an easy recipe that will soon become a family favorite. The dessert is made from semolina, sugar, flour and flavored with vanilla, lemon or rose water. It’s a cookie the locals eat during Christmas in Greece. Some of these cakes are also made with ricotta cheese, if the myzithra cheese is not available. Keywords: bougatsa, greek, dessert, pastry, phyllo, fillo, custard, semolina custard, nutella, chocolate. Some make it like a pie with a bottom or top crust, some like a tart, and some like to make it without the crust completely. From classic baklava to decadent Greek rice pudding, these treats will be the perfect ending to any festive holiday gathering. Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with a custard in a crispy filo pastry shell. You may be familiar with phyllo if you’ve ever enjoyed baklava, another great Greek dessert. work quickly to prevent the pastry dough from drying out. One of the best parts of Greece is the dining, whether during Lent or the rest of the year, and this book has all the dessert recipes you'd need to have a little of Greece in your own home year-round. Greek Desserts. Recipe by: joshscrivener Greek sponge 2 reviews . Be sure to make extra as these will go fast! It’s traditionally made with soft myzithra cheese, eggs, honey, lemon, sugar, and flour. It is usually served after a meal and it is perfect to accompany your Greek coffee. Galaktoboureko adds a homey custard made with semolina flour, between top and bottom layers of butter brushed phyllo. Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight? Diples are crispy folded dough sheets that have been fried in oil and dipped in a sweet honey syrup. The phyllo dough is wrapped around a sweet filling made of either chopped walnuts, pistachios, or almonds. Greece is a country that’s known all over the world for its delicious food. Galaktoboureko - Γαλακτομπούρεκο BY: Greek Cooking Made Easy SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to see all my delicious recipes! Fill the baking tin with the filo and set aside while you prepare the remaining ingredients.

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